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Nintendo's new game!

2010-12-21 12:25:18 by DinoLizard

Stare in awe and disbelief as two big NDS names clash. Layton and Wright. Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney has been anounced in japan <a> QIe5jdw . I for one hope this becomes available in europe since i enjoy both games. PLEASE!!!!

Love can hurt :|

2010-12-09 11:56:08 by DinoLizard

My life is hell :( I love someone but don't know if they feel the same. I'm afraid to ask in case i lose them, but the longer i hold it in the more stress i feel every day. I dont know what to do... so im appealing to NG for help, a community of awesome animators and people in general. please help. :' (